All you need to know about Bukunmi oluwashina’s Beautifull song

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BEAUTIFUL SONG is a story that treats the theme of Love , Hatered , Talents(music,dance,painting etc) Education ,Family, Friendship, Competition,Life challenges, Trials and survivalizim.

It tells the stories of different youths and teens from different homes who came for a six weeks camp popularly known as MUSDAN ANNUAL CAMP. MUSDAN camp is all about realizing and developing youthfull useful talents coupled with competitions and socialization. Shalom a young lady around the age of 20 who is an imaginative painter and has long given up on herself and her other abilities till her father Mr Dairo presents a surprising MUSDAN camp form he bought  for her believing in her to make him proud by becoming the musician he failed to become, while he takes care Faith, Shalom ‘s kid sister battling with sickle cell. Shalom objected because she had no plans for music, though she is always told she is good at it, but she only sees herself as a good painter. And also realizing there is a shameful secret about her that could be found out if she eventually goes to camp and have to be sharing rooms with another.

Camp being filed with a lot of kids, Shalom ‘s first day on camp, She was busy dragging her box while Geoffrey is busy pressing his phone, the two accidentally colid while SHALOM falls on Geoffrey ‘s face, A leader of the famous radio vocalist group invited to camp, A loner, Crush of lots of ladies and a snob. The only child of a used to be famous spinster, who now lives the rest of her life on a wheel chair after a fatal accident. Shalom looked up to see Geoffrey face, only to see the exact face of one of her own imaginary painting. She is too carried away seeing an imagined painting existing not even noticing she just broke his phone. It looks like another story is about to start on both sides as hatred comes beckoning where love was not found and camp start looking like another word for Hell.

Solomom, a frustrated traditional dancer, ended up opting out of Bubby’s contemporary dance group to find peace and happiness in his true choice of life. Solomon finally find friendship is FUNMI, a lady whose late father used to be a traditional dancer but gave it up cos contemporary dance has nailed traditional dance to cross.

Jenny, a arrogant girl, the only daughter of the rich and famous JAY LORD, who also has her group of friends (Amanda,Hellen, and Tomi)rich kids too who believe they can always get whatever they want. Preye is an hypocrite living in the shadow of her dream, whose mother they believed  to be related to the popular Bill Gate. Gaining ground on camp ending up with Jenny’s  group of friends, she got carried away in her drama as camp goes on.


Biggy, a very big and fat lady who is troublesome and a bully,Also  room mate to SHALOM . Biggy will do anything for anyone as long as food is concerned. A girlfriend to one of the slimest and most gentle guy in camp..

T.K is a sheboy(A guy that acts like a lady ) As crazy as it seems, he is never shy to express himself. Things gets confusing when an unrevealed individual starts sneaking letters into Geoffrey’s music note.


“To find yourself a group on camp, you must know how to play one instrument or the other” Shalom has to look for someone to teach her how to play a guitar so she could find a group. That was the problem.. but then Her problem got worse, realising the solution to her problem is her greatest problem cos the only person who knows how to play the guitar and coold be of help is her worst enemy.

Story takes a new turn when Jenny deliberately pushed SHALOM into the pool and nobody was noticing drowning SHALOM. Something big and unexpected is about to happen.. Camp is soon going to end…

Who is the greedy women trying to eat her cake and have it?

Who is the real father Geoffrey has grown to hate but have never met?

Who does FATIMA’s first child  that she dropped in an orphanage

to seek after her ex, grew to be?

Who among all is an adopted child?

Who has being sneaking letters into Geoffrey’s music note?

Was Shalom’s shameful secret found out on camp? Who did?

Did Faith survive the sickle cell anemia??

What eventually happened to preye? Who is her real mother?

Did Jenny make her way into Geoffrey’s heart?

Who wins the most creative on camp?

Which dance group got the best? Contemporary ? Traditional?

How well did FIVE STARS rock the camp?

You are just about to find out….!! ANTICIPATE !! Coming to rock your screen soon..!IMG-20160131-WA0006IMG-20160201-WA0014IMG-20160201-WA0010


  1. kayone

    November 7, 2016 at 11:55 AM

    nice one! unique story line!

  2. Femzy

    August 7, 2017 at 11:15 PM

    Well i seriouly love the drama, its fasinatin but am seeing someone among the five star group ‘keyte’ or isn’t that keyte?

  3. Babawale Nike

    February 18, 2018 at 12:34 AM

    pls miss ibukunmi i love to become an actress pls i beg you in the name of God help me

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