I am not cheating my wife ik ogbonna

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Nollywood actor, IK Ogbonna and wife, Sonia were understood to have exchanged word with each other on Instagram on Monday. Sonia, who not too long ago welcomed a baby boy for the actor, first fired the shot insinuating that her husband might be cheating or someone close to her is passing through an infidel relationship.




However, IK on his own side fueled the suspicion that his wife was actually referring to him, when he fired back at her, advising that she should build her man up for hidden fights that she can’t see. The words went on and on for few minutes, and before the actor will blink his eyes, the story has gone viral that he is cheating on his wife.



Meanwhile, he has managed to debunk the story, saying that Internet users who insist he’s cheating on his wife might have unlocked his pants and use his manhood while he was asleep.




“The internet says Ik OGBONNA is cheating on his wife … Maybe the Internet unlocked my pants a nd used my *P while I was asleep. Smh,” he wrote on twitter.

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