John Dunmelo gets death threats

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Ghanaian actor, John Dumelo allegedly receives death threats


John Dumelo, has said he has been receiving death threats following controversial tweet stating that Ghanaian presidential candidate, Nana Akufo Addo, would loose the elections.





The actor turned politician had stirred some controversy and animosity after he tweeted that he did not see Addo winning the 2016 elections, pointing out that he had nothing against him.



“I keep on receiving threatening messages from anonymous persons. They are threatening my life…so many things for making a statement. But I give everything to God. They are issuing the threats on social media, anonymous phone calls and things. ” he stated





Dumelo went on to add that he feels safe at the moment and is yet to report the issue to the police.


”I think it has not gotten to the point of reporting to the security yet. I am a very security conscious person. Wherever I go I just have this security thing around me. I just don’t stay at a particular place at a time”


He added that he is very security conscious and believes he is good on his own for the time being.



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