When Charles novia meet Ben Affleck

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So we decided to take a tour of Warner Bros Studios and after about an hour the tour guide asked for our permission to be part of a documentary. So we went into a studio where there were Bat mobiles. There were props off the new ‘Batman versus Superman’ movie.

There were cameras all over and the guide asked

‘Who do you think will win between Batman and Superman?’

I replied jokingly ‘ Superman because he can fly by day and night and Bats only fly by night’

Immediately I said that a Bat mobile pops open and out pops a dude who shouts ‘Who said that?’

I looked at him and laughed. ‘Hey this dude looks like Ben Affleck’ I said, thinking it was a stunt.

He pulled his face as if he had a mask on ‘ Get a load of what he said! Yeah, I’m a double. Yeah.”

Everyone laughed. The camera crew laughed the more. I was wondering what was funny. Then it hit me.

It was REALLY Ben Affleck!


So we all took pictures with him. He was quite nice.

‘You got a lot of fans in Africa’ I told him.

He was pleased.

The lady in one of the pictures is Iyen Agbonifo-Obaseki, President of the Costume and Production Designers Guild of Nigeria

When we left for more of the tour, the Tour Guide said ‘ Today was y”all lucky day. Not everyone gets to meet Ben or other stars during studio tours’


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