How Arakangudu died after hitting big money,Big issue on where to bury him

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Sadly Nollywood veteran filmmaker Sikiru Adesina popularly known as Arakangudu died monday night in far away kaduna,He has turned kaduna into his home years back after the roles were not coming like before and marketers were not doing business with him,he was said to have been bitter over the way his trusted friends abd people he trained abandoned him when he went broke.


His decision to move to the north seems to be paying off as Arakangudu was said to have hit big money few months back and brought himself a new 705 and he was preparing to shoot a pan Nigerian movie with an eye for the cinema when he died suddenly monday night,Two versions of the cause of his death are in circulation,while some say he died of Asthma attack other claimed it was a spiritual attack and as at press time we could not confirm any.

Right now there are issues over how he will be buried,Sikiru is a Muslim and has a time limit to which he should be buried,his friends in kaduna are asking the family whether the body should be brought back south or buried there,As at press time the family had not made up their mind.



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