festival of curses latest!Liz Anjorin told my mum me and my unborn child will die Dewunmi speaks

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Festival of curses latest!Dewunmi speaks



Dewunmi Fatai the makeup artist in the middle of the liz Anjorin triangle has spoken to bononline


According to her Liz earlier interview was full of lies and contradictions, This is her version of what happened



Two weeks ago,Liz Anjorin called me to come and do make up for her during the duration of her tv program, our deal says only her and not her guest and my asking fee was 50k but she begged me to do 30k which I agree and insist she pay half before and I come and also asked her about conditions of work about welfare and she said I should calm down and she will take care good care of me.



On getting to set,Liz gave me only 5k on Tuesday with a promise to pay the balance on Thursday, when I approached her on Thursday for the money she gave me 500 to feed and I said Aunty liz 500 naira with 2 pas it can’t work,instantly she flared up and started shouting on me I immediately ordered my pas to park and take off,on our way home Tayo sikira sindodo called me to ask what happened and I explained she instantly asked me to calm down.



I woke up around 10am Friday to see liz sms where she cursed me and my unborn child,I sent it to my people and my mom scared called liz to try to settle the matter but instead of respecting my mom told my mom that she didn’t give me proper home training and that I will die soon ,my shocked mom was still trying to recover from the shock when another call came in this time from liz aides a guy name Tayo who warned my mom that in liz hometown there is a masquerade and once liz is angry the masquerade gets angry and it will come after me to kill me,sir I have the voice note and I am handling it to the police.


I don’t know where liz gets the impression I am broke, I am not and don’t need her money to survive,she also said I was rude to madam kofo pls speak to the old woman and she will tell you I was never rude to her,I have a perfect relationshipwith other actress like iyabo ojo,fathia balogun and Aunty Tayo and I am not rude as liz is trying to portay me she concluded.


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