Lizzy Anjorin opens up on festival of curses,why I cursed wunmi

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Lizzy Anjorin has responded to our story late Friday evening on her misunderstanding with the makeup artist


i dont owe her a kobo,we just started shooting yestday  and she angrily left set afrter fighting everybody, we are to round up next week Thursday she began .



She explained her issues with Adewunmi further



I won’t have touched her at all but for the strong recommendation from Tayo (sikira sindodo )who said she needed the money because she was pregnant and also that she had changed from being abusive,Ask the top actress about her they will tell you she has attitude and she is quarrelsome.



We spoke and agree on 30k as her fee,when she got on set she had collected 5k and on the  day we had issues she said she wanted to eat and I gave her 500 which she threw at me in front of everybody but I remain calm and she abused Madam kofo before she packed her things and left angryly leaving me without a makeup artist and I had to hurriedly arrange another one and she made me lose production time.



The second day I taught she will be sober and I sent her a message on why she will misbehave particularly been rude to a respected veteran Madam saje,That was how blackmail and sms started,Tell her to give you all she sent to me,She was the first person to curse my child and I gave it back to her.


Honestly,wunmi misbehaved this is someone I have helped in the past, liz added.


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