Rukky sanda wants her stolen Samsung phone back,Ready to buy

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  1. She posted this on her instgram page

Repost from @rukkysanda using @RepostRegramApp – So as I post this Selfie from d amazing show lastnite, I humbly request that whoever has my #SamsungNoteEdge I misplaced last nite should kindly Dm me* I’m not gonna use d word steal or took cos I know u probably been trying to reach me to give it back but u couldn’t dail out cos Tz my uk sim in it, But on d contrary if u av anyone trying to corrupt ur mind into selling it, kindly tap into d good in u & sell it to me pls I’ll be glad to buy it back off u* infact I could just backup & give it back to u.? Thanks in advance*** #futurekindnigerian #futuregoodsamaritan ❣❣❣ Lol! But I’m serz tho**?

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