Kemi Afolabi replies she baby,I withheld the clothes over unpaid bills

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The latest that is presently buzzing the web, is the recent call out by controversial actress, Seyi Ariyo, aka She Baby on her colleague, Kemi Afolabi. She took to the social media, asking her to return her clothes and also called her many unprintable names. ‘In the time of war, the loudest patriots are the greatest profiteers’. These words of German socialist politician, August Bebel,must have inspired unruffled Kemi Afolabi, who later came out to say her own side of the story. Read her response, ‘It is not in my nature to react to false allegations, as I realised long ago in my God’s chosen career that it is impossible to throw stones at every barking dog. But in the spirit of fairness and to put the record straight, I would like to state my own side of the story being bandied about me by She Baby on social media. I was contacted by She baby to take a role in an upcoming movie and she was supposed to provide accommodation for me. I realised much later that when it was time to retire for the night, that no such arrangements were made. She then pleaded with me to pass the night at her place, but I politely refused and told her that I would sort out my hotel accommodation for the night, and she will have to reimburse me later. I deliberately held on to the costume I wore as security for the refund of my hotel expenses and I was surprised when I read from blogs and other social platforms that she alleged that I borrowed clothes from her to wear. In the heat of the matter, senior actor and respected colleague, Saheed Balogun, curiously contacted me on the issue and I emphatically explained what happened to him; he offered to pay the hotel expenses and I have since given the clothes (IRO and BUBA) to him, for onward transmission to She Baby. That is what transpired between She Baby and I in a nutshell and it’s rather very disappointing she has decided to tarnish my image for no good reason she can defend.’ Let me state it categorically that I, Kemi Afolabi Adesipe will never engage in frivolous and undue confrontation with anybody, let alone someone in the same showbiz industry with me. I rest my case. Signed: Kemi Afolabi Adesipe.

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