She baby opens up on Kemi Afolabi lies,how she snatched sindodo boyfriend

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On Sunday we broke the story that Kemi Afolabi and Seyi Ariyo had issues,Attempts to reach both Actress then were unsuccessful.



But on wed morning,Seyi spoke to us explaining in details what happened,Here is her own side of the story




Few months back I was shooting my movie and I casted kemi and paid her,Her call time was 10am but she strolled him at 5pm and so spoilt our schedule,we had to rework on the script and she shot 3 scenes and we finished at 10pm,After shoot kemi approached me to give her  accomodation to pass the night and I told her it was not possible as no one was lodged except the crew and I.



She left in anger and took away my dress which served as her costume,I called her the second day and she didn’t pick my calls so also for weeks until we meet at a party and I approach her for my clothes and even my marketer Toymax spoke to us asking her to return the clothes but she refused.



I was curious and wondering why kemi will hold on to my clothes and I was also scared in this period of desperate times because of juju and all,I saw her again at kunle Rasheed’s event and she promised to return the clothes but she never did until I reported her to Tayo odueke sikiratu sindodo who promised to speak with her  and who called me back to say I should call her and I did and kemi started screaming asking why would I report her to tayo.



Yet,Kemi didn’t return my clothes instead the snitch that she is went to tell tayo that I told her that she snatched tayo’s boyfriend but it is the same kemi who snatched tayo boyfriend, they both reported themselves to me and all I did was to make peace.



Kemi only returned my clothes after saheed balogun spoke to her and she is telling people lies upon lies,I don’t understand kemi as her life is all about lies, she does not have a house and virtually lives in her car and hops from one hotel to another, kemi should leave me and face her pathetic life.


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  1. Gbeks

    March 23, 2016 at 6:18 PM

    dirty girls , I short sind odo is d one that added fuel in an already burning fire

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