How Mide packed out of her husband dumps children

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How Mide packed out of her husband house,dumps children



The break up of mide and Afeez owoh is one breakup that has affected and shaken nollywood so hard as most practioneers are unhappy that the couple are not together.



Information are scanty as those sympathetic to both sides have refused to speak,Apart from the fact that both husband and wife havery refused to pick calls,Mide has gone a step to delete a lot of people from her bbm mostly her husband proteges and those she feels are sympathetic to afeez.



Although unconfirmed because neither sides have refused to speak,our source close to both husband and wife disclosed that Mide moved out of the house about 6 weeks ago after telling her husband that he does not appeal to him again and that he is too lazy,most shocking is the fact that she left her 2 children.



There are conflicting reports on mide state of mind after the story broke,one version disclosed that she was broken and crying especially with the way the fans had come hard on her but another source claimed she was not moved and was ready to start her life all over.


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