Ranti Jacobs speaks about her foray into Entertainment

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When Ranti Jacobs, a Nigerian songstress, filmmaker and actress left the country some years ago for the United States, she had her mind made up to impact lives in the foreign land. From a conversation that started on facebook about how to rebuild crumbling marriages to getting married to the right person, Jacobs popularly known as Ranti Alore L’america has changed several lives with her works. Jacobs who helped raised N12 million for a 26-year-old with a kidney problem recently moved into the studio as the host of a talkshow, Imoran, which is aired every Friday on her personally-owned radio station, Imoran Radio. She speaks to Mary Ekahabout her works and plans


What was your early life like?


My early life was so pleasant and give it all to God and my parents. Most especially my mum and Chief V.A Odunaiya whom I grew up to know as my father since I lost my dad while I was so young. I attended Mount Carmel Primary School, Ebute-Metta, and Wesley Girls Secondary School Yaba. And I learnt Photography in my early life days just after secondary education. All in Lagos, Nigeria.


What did you miss about your late dad?


That’s ok, my Dad late Magistrate Abraham Olufemi Jacobs died back in 1979, you see it’s a long time and I was only a baby then so I really do not know him well but I thank God for sending me another father on earth who took it upon himself to send me through school till I said dad am done with school. Chief Victor Ayodeji Odunaiya of Gbobaniyi Chambers is one man I can never forget in my life. He was faced with so many challenges with families and friends while bringing me up,but he never get worried at any time. He always says to me Ranti, I am your father using this Yoruba adage “Baba ku, Baba ku” which means when a father dies theirs is another father living. To be honest with you it was tough to become who I am today, many of my school mates and friends never knew he was not my biological father.


Did you go to College?


Yes I did. I studied at the Nigerian Institute of Journalism (NIJ) and the Lagos State University, where I bagged National Diploma in Journalism and Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications respectively. After that I did a diploma course at PEFTI and then my Masters in Project Management at the University of Phoenix, Arizona, USA.


Can you let us into your home, love and life?


Well, I have a great family that I’m proud of. Am happily married to someone I love and cherish who’s an IT expert. His name is Omotayo Agbaminoja and we are both happy with each other.


At what time did you decide for a career in the entertainment industry?


Deciding for a career in the entertainment industry is not something that just came like that. It wasn’t just all of a sudden thing. I can say it’s something that is inbuilt, but I will say I started when I was in high school with the popular talk shows in the late 80s and early 90s called Speak Out. That was when I started having interest in the entertainment industry although I have been a member of the stage group in my church before that in the early 80s. At this point I was not taking it too serious as it is today, but this was the beginning of my love for the entertainment industry. Why did you choose to go abroad? It was not my intention to come live abroad but I can say it is how God has designed my settlement to be. When I got married I had no choice other than to come and reside with my husband. Hence I had no choice than to settle down in the USA. How has it been since you relocated to the United States? To be honest with you it has been so great and it’s actually a blessing for me, because it has given me a great exposure to what life is all about and all I need to know and understand about the industry I venture into. When I got to the USA, I started my life in California. Living in California opened my eyes to so many ideas that helped shaped what actually my dream is. Living in Hollywood State helped to rebuild my passion for entertainment as a whole. I have come across many personalities and talents in the USA and they have shared with me a few of their experiences. So I will gladly say that coming to live in America is a blessing in disguise for me. Why did you prefer Atlanta as your new home? To be honest with you, California was damn too expensive at a time that one needs to rethink and finding out that Hollywood itsself is moving down to Georgia gave me the insight of relocating to Atlanta. Now many of the Hollywood productions are shot here in the State of Georgia and I am able to showcase myself as well in the midst of the talents in the industry here in the State. How did you come by your stage name, Ranti Alore LAmerica? The name Ranti Alore L’america is a stage name ‘Alore’ is a name given to some group of people in my church. I attend a Cherubim and Seraphim Church so the Alore group is a group of people who see visions, interpret dreams. I am an Alore and a prophetess. The ‘L’america was added by Bayowa when I was producing my musical album ‘Ibi Giga’ in 2008.


Your Talk show, Imoran, is making lots of wave in America and UK. Why did you start a Yoruba talk show in America and how do you fund it?


Yes to the glory of God the Talk show “Imoran” is making wave internationally actually. The last show had over Five Million (5,000,000) listeners across the globe including Brazil, Dublin, Netherlands, Cuba, Norway, Peru, Poland, Spain, Gabon, South Africa, Ghana, Guam, Ireland, Kenya, Malaysia, Australia, Austria, Malawi just to mention a few. The Program is able to witness so much success transmitting to a great population because the support I got from Naijafm UK, every Friday while the program is aired it is double-streamed by 101.1 FM (UK). The show is a spiritual talk show which digs deep into helping those in bondage and also educates people about what life entails in general. As for the funding of the show, it has been so difficult to get support from people one-on-one, many made promises to support and they never turned up but at a point a radio station in New York, TNI Radio gave me the opportunity to do the show live for a period of time without asking for any pay. Running a live program is expensive and takes a lot of energy but I give glory to God Almighty that some churches that came on board to support with the little they have in form of adverts and doing jingles for them. So I will say that the show is yet to be funded by anyone, I am still looking out for support from people. Currently we are having conversations with the Chairman of Capital 3 Nigeria Ltd Otunba Abimbola Davis who promised to be of help and Otunba Dele Momodu of Ovation Magazine, hopefully I pray to hear back from both of them any time soon.



Do you think your talk show will truly help in rebuilding marriages in America?


What if I tell you I do not think but it is actually helping marriages not just in America even Europe as well; there are many marriages here abroad that have been broken for lack of understanding. I have helped over 225 marriages here in the United States alone and today they have peace in their homes. A lot of people feel it’s a general genre for a broken marriage abroad, but with God’s intervention plus prayers and support from other men of God we are able to help rebuild marriages.


You say other men of God


Yes, other men and women of God are on the side for me to get assistance and support from people like Prophetess Arowosola Agbola Oladunni of C&S Movt, Church Ayo ni o #1 Ilorin Nigeria, Prophet Oluseyi Coker (The Shepherd of the Youth Fellowship Group Ayo ni o, Surulere, Nigeria, Prophet Olade Ijelu of C&S Church United Kingdom, Prophet Taiye Matthew of C&S House of Testimony, Georgia USA, Prophet Olusesan Samaye of C&S Movt Church Fountain of Hope, Austell Georgia and many others. They are the people I run to for support spiritually to help give hope succor to those who’s marriages and family have been impacted. We all consider this as a ministry to deliver people from marital and spiritual bondages.


You started an fb group on building a solid relationship and marriage. Did that contribute to the idea of the talk show?


Yes, this actually gave birth to Imoran, if you remember correctly, the Building a Solid Relationship and Marriage has thousands of members from all over the world before facebook changes the group design and we lost over 50 thousand members, this happened because I did not change to the new design of facebook then, by the time I realised that the group was deleted. But some of my members still keep in touch and sending prayer request and other things, then I started a BBM group called Sex, Love and Deceit (SLD) with 30 Powerful Men and Women of God where we share people situation and then look out for a solution for the situation, few of the people listed above are part of the group members of SLD. SLD actually gave birth to ‘Imoran” because what we do is actually giving people spiritual advice and counselling. When talking to the group members around September 2013, that I will like to bring this idea on radio and television so that people can benefit from it, i I asked all members to come up with names, everyone came up with so many interesting names but putting it before God “Imoran” was spiritually taken. So I did go by the name “Imoran” for the Show.


You combine acting with singing, how has that fulfilled your aspiration in life?


Combining acting with singing has given me a fulfilled life. In addition, I have a charity lifestyle that is private. I feel so happy that I am able to impact lives through this avenue. Last year, I was able to raise fund for a 26-year-old girl dying of kidney disease. The total money needed for her transplant was about N12million. I got involved and we were able to raise the money for her. Several individuals and organisations listened to our appeal and together we raised the fund. She went for the operation India and it was successful.


Can you talk about your albums?


My Album Ibi Giga is out and it’s still selling fast. I have been working on a second album but I have been so busy with so many other things, especially the vision the Lord gave me about building relationship and marriages. Do you sing gospel song for the money? I do not sing gospel song for the money, I sing for glorification of God in churches. Do you do anything else apart from entertainment? Yes I do. You now own a radio station in the USA. Is that correct? Yes we do have an online radio station in the State of Georgia, sorry I forgot to mention earlier that the talk show has now become a radio station under The Cross Media and Travels Incorporation. A company registered in the United States as the parenting company for Imoran Radio.


What is Cross Media and Travels About?


We are into Media, Entertainment and Tourism, we are partnering with other visual media indust


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