Ngozi Iwere calls Nkeiru Sylvanus out over 2nd wife comment

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Nkeiru Sylvanus, Check The Latest Census Figures–Ngozi Iwere!!


Reactions are trailing Nollywood Actor, Nkeiru Sylvanus’s advise to single ladies to opt for being second wives instead of waiting for Mr. Right forever while aging.


Dr (Mrs.) Ngozi Iwere, Executive Director, Community Life Project, CLP Nigeria has this to say to the actor.




Somebody should tell her to check out the last census figures before she starts saying there are more women than men in the country – just because more women go to church.


Is she assuming all single Nigerian men are Christians and all attend church? We need to have more evidence – based conclusions than what we observe in our places of worship.


She is entitled to her marriage preferences of course. But that should not cause us to become oblivious of facts.


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