Ignore Noisemakers,Ibinabo fibresima remains Agn president

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The National Executive Committee of AGN received the news of a group poputed to have set up a Caretaker Committee to take over the Guild as a shock because no group/stakeholders approached the National Executive Committee on the said meeting. Also our State Executive Committees were not aware of the poputed meeting. Much as we would not like to respond to the resolution of the said stakeholders meeting which looks like a child’s play to us, however we need to set the records straight for avoidance of doubt by our teeming members and the general public.
The fact is that Ibinabo Fiberesima remains the only elected President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, AGN. The matter between St. Maradona Mclive Johnson and AGN which judgement was pronounced by the Justice T.S Tshoho  of the Federal High Court Lagos on March 16, march 2015 is a subject of appeal at the Federal Court of Appeal Lagos, no:  Ca/l/498/16. Until final judgement is given by the Supreme Court, if it takes us there, it will ever  remain like that. Examples abound of how state Governors were sacked by tribunals and even appeal courts but were never removed from office until Supreme Court gives it’s final judgment.  Our States’ Executive Committees were not aware of the meeting including over 85% of State Chairmen accross the country so the Chairmen that attended the said meeting did so on their individual capacity and not on behalf of their State AGN Chapters. The National & States’ Executive Committees as well as  committed members are not deterred, in the face of all these provocations coming from one particular section of the Actors Guild of Nigeria. The National President is not also moved by all these distractions as she remains  focused and committed to the welfare and wellbeing of our members. She cannot be cowed out of office. We have respect for the rule of law and shall abide by the legal and constitutional process in order to entrench a lasting peace in our noble Guild. We urged our members to equally disregard  the so called resolution which is aimed at satisfying the inordinate ambitions of disgruntled few in the Guild.  Thank you.
For & on behalf of the National Executive Committee.
Abubakar Yakub,  Secretary
Actors Guild of Nigeria.

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  1. Emmy kanem

    June 27, 2016 at 12:06 PM

    welcome development,Emayak Ekanem,technical committee publicity secretary Akwa Ibom state chapter of the guild.

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