My lowest moment in my acting career star actor Olaide Oladipupo a.k.a FYNEST

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Olaide Oladipupo a.k.a FYNEST was born in Lagos but originally from Oyo State He attended Lagos State polytechnic where he obtained a Diploma in Business Administration in 2011.
Olaide Oladipupo a.k.a FYNEST can be said to be a all round talents because he not only directs but also sings and some his singles already enjoying massive air play has testify him as one talent to reckon with.
In this chat, he talked about his career how he started doing movie and challenges of been an actor

Tell us about yourself?
I am Olaide oladipupo popular know as Fynest I am privileged to be born in popular Oladipupo family.

How was growing up like for you?
Growing up was not easy but I work hard to become what I am today

What are your hobbies?
I like to be on internet browsing because I want to know more things about life and entertainment.

What inspired you to be an actor?
My passion for acting and music inspired me to be an actor  and my father also inspired me as well,my father was a Fuji musician back then in shaki oyo state.

How many movies have you featured in?
Have lost count but am very sure have featured in more than 100 movies

How many movie have you produced?
Have produced four movies but two out of the four movies have been released to the market EDA ORO and IPIN AJA, there’s another one that the promo is every where now even on Internet Tittle Arewa Okunri but another one is coming soon tittle OMO OLORIN

What project are you currently working on?
The new project am working on now is OLA SCOPE and it will be one In town Because of the kind of stars I wanna use and the equipment and it will be part one and two

When was your lowest moment in your career as an actor?
My lowest moment in my career I was disgrace by a popular actress which I don’t want mention her name,because I touched her hand unknown and shout at me in the presence of everybody I was embracessed I felt like giving up on acting that day to make the matter worse my boss the Akeem Kosoko ordered me to apologies to her,but today such thing can never happen again.

Who is your role model in nollywood?
Odunlade adekola is my role model his someone I that I respect so much.

There is lot of competition in the industry?
Well there is competition every where but am not in competition with anybody I do what I know how to do best and don’t care about competition

how do you intend to find your place in the industry?
I found my place in the industry that’s why u are interviewing me now

what is your relationship with established actors?
My relationship with established actors well I respect every one even the one that met me

What does love mean to you?
Love means a lot to me Because there’s nothing that is possible without love if there’s no love, producer won’t call actor to come and act and actor too won’t accept the producer Job,if There’s no love likewise in dating too without love the relationship won’t last

How daring are you in romance movies?
I am very daring when it’s come to movie to make things real but I won’t have sex on set because I don’t need to spoil my life Because of acting and I have to teach the Young’s one a good lesson

Which actress  would you like to be paired in romance movies?
I will like to be in a romantics movie with Toyin Aimaku.

Where do you see yourself next five years?
I will like to see my self as a popular music super star and movie follow with many endorsement with lot of investment

What do you have to tell your fans?
I can only say a big thanks to them Because they are my family and my every thing and I can’t be what I am today if that don’t accept me so I am very grateful and may Almight God bless their pocket.

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