Meet Nollywood Actress –Ayomiposi Oladejo popularly know as Oyinda

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Ayomiposi Oladejo popular know as Oyinda, the multi talented Yoruba Actress definitely need no introduction in the movie industry,she has been in the make believe world for a while now When you talk about Ayomiposi Oladejo AKA Oyinda,you are talking about classic and professionalism, she is one best actress and producer in the movie industry,her good good works speaks for her in the industry,she has been in the business for years,so she knows what its take to make a good movies the ever dynamic actress and producer has some big movie project to her name
In this chat,she talked
about herself and how she started her acting

Tell us about yourself?
My name is Ayomiposi Oladejo, from Ondo township. Am from the family of four siblings. I attended St Patrick primary and St Andrews secondary school respectively. I arrived the shore of Lagos in the 80 with my uncle.
How was growing up like for you?
Growing up was pleasant and memorable with a lot of attention from all the families. Having to do few chores and assignments, generally it was fun.
What inspired you to be an actress?
Have always loved watching home videos as a young girl and I developed intense interest since then, and thank God today.
How long have you been in the movie industry?
Have been in the industry since the year 1990, but I travelled in 2005 for adventure outside the shore of Nigeria for awhile and came back, doing just little in the industry.
what are the changes you can recall in the
industry over the years?
Well, there’s been a lot of changes in the industry. From the way movies are recorded, location things, technology and the people motives in the industry to be precise.
How many movies have you featured in?
I think I have futures in about 30 movies
Which of the movie lunched you to fame?
The movie that launched me into limelight is titled Elenini, by Mr and Mrs Majekodunmi.
How many movies do you have to your credit?
I have 9 movies to my credit. Due to my long absence from the industry, but presently I have several projects ongoing, which will hit the big screens very soon.
What project are you currently working on?
Like I just said, I have several projects at hand, just sit back to enjoy them very soon.
There is this general belief that most female artists are doing better than their male counterparts, how true is this and why is it so? Hmmm, am opposed to the general believe on that.we women are very eccentric, we make noises in the social media, walking in the caricature of our rich husbands and man friends. Whereas, the men of the industry are so quiet in their achievements, while advancing their financial powers quietly and they are comfortable in their little world.
Describe your happiest day or moment in the industry?
My happiest day was when my movie was nominated and awarded by the Censors board. The only Yoruba movies nominated for the award. It was a memorable and a happy moment for me as a young and upcoming actress. I believed that there’s a lot more that awaits me.
When was your lowest moment in your career as an actress?
Hmmm, the lowest moment so far, is coming back to the industry after a long break from the job. Facing excommunication by your old peers, fighting for recognition, as well as, picking back up from where you left, it’s not easy, can be very challenging.
Which character do you look forward to playing?
As an actor, I look forward to any role, I love to be challenged by my role in any movie, so, there’s no role that I can take on.
Who is your role model in nollywood?
I have always looked forward to Liz Benson from my childhood, she’s very versatile in roles and I love her acting.
How fairly do you relate with other actresses? I think I relate well with my peers, regardless of everyone’s mindset.
What would you like to change about the movie industry?
There’s a lot of things that needs attention in the industry. The issues of meaningless productions, the motives and attitudinal issue of the young ladies in the industry as a role model (types of job, the motives and the lesson to be learned from the movie). The issues of piracy and the marketers as well.
If you are opportune to meet one prominent personality, who would that likely be?
Thanks for the question, I pray that your platform will present that opportunity ?. It’s been my dream to meet the media Queen Oprah Winfrey. Pls make it happen
Thank you.
Finally, any message for your fans and what should they be expecting from you?
I want all my fans to know that I always appreciate them, despite my long absence from the screen, they still appreciate the jobs that I have done in the past and whenever they come my way, the encouragement and prayers that I received from them, goes a long way in my mind. The should just sit back as they awaits series of movies that’s coming from the stable of Oyinda productions. I love you guys alot. Cheers!!!

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