its Calista Okonkwo Mum’s birthday,Read her Emotional Tribute to Her

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Here’s the woman who means the world and more to Carlie. I would have never become the lady I am today, if it weren’t for her . I have never seen a love like the one you had for my dad even in death. A love I envy, a love so pure and undiluted . The type of love I pray to have for the man who ends up with me. My mum…my driving force,my prayer partner , my well of advice and ideas , my mirror ,my ‘ gossip -mate’ and my confidant. If you are my friend and you have wronged me in any way…she knows you ??? cos she knows my ‘high-points and my low-points’. If you think I smile and laugh too much …wait till you meet my mum. I could go on and on and write how thankful I am to God for blessing me with you yet, it won’t be enough . For all the times I did wrong and you gave me the beating of my life…for the times , I came crying to you over one issue or the other and you gave me a shoulder to cry on…I say God bless you. May God in his infinite mercies, give you joy unlimited and open the floodgates of heaven on your life today and forever . Live long and prosper, CELIA OKORONKWO(Nwanyi CELESTINE). I love you too much that even the word’LOVE’ doesn’t do justice. Happy birthday ,my fav woman on planet earth. Love,Calista!???????????????????????????
#NoGreaterLove ™@calistaokoronkwo

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