i can never and would never commit suicide,Yomi fash Lanso reacts to Scary instgram posts

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yomi1yomi2It’s purely a reflective post. Nothing more. Not meant to hurt my friends feelings emotional or otherwise. Or to whip up sympathy or create attention. My extract this morning to my post “A very good Saturday morning to everyone. So sorry I just woke up like 4am and saw all reactions and comments over my post last night. I’m so so sorry to put you all on the edge, I did that out of my quite moment on set yesterday night in enugu when we had a 5mins break and my phone was permanently on silence. My co actors will understand that.
Don’t worry I’m not suicidal or anything near it. Yomi FashLanso is a fun loving guy with zero tolerance for worries. Its just that we all need to have our quite moments and during my quite moments I reflect on a lot if things that I sometime use to readjust my way of life.
Yesterday’s post was one of it.

Once again thank you all for the love and concern. I genuinely LOVE you ALL.
Let’s keep DOING the RIGHT THING

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