As it is!Bleaching in Nollywood,Yes or No

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Bleaching is the new fad In Nollywood
In the last few years, one phenomenon that seems to have come to stay in Nollywood is inthe art of skin toning.
Celebrities are meant to be role models in the society, their popularity and public figure status are earned from performances in their movies, which they dish out on a daily basis. These stars are made by their fans; they will not have attained their celebrated status, if their supposed teeming fans do no patronise them. Ask the musicians who have fallen out of favour with their fans at one point or the other in the course of their career. They were soon forgotten and faded out of relevance.
Bleaching is the right and choice of the owner of the skin, just like tattoos and other fashion adds, to make the owner of the skin look more attractive but the rate at which Nollywood female stars now take bleaching is a thing of concern.
Few weeks back, I spoke with an Asaba based actress on the trend, and she told me that, she took to skin toning because producers prefer light skinned actresses. An upcoming, Yoruba actress simply exclaimed that the phrase that has been popularized among them now is ‘Pupa loni camera’; meaning ‘the light skinned owns the camera’. Which somehow suggests that only those with toned skin are eligible for roles?
One fundamental thing a lot of Nollywood practitioners have forgotten is that keeping up with the bleaching trend for the sake of getting scripts is great danger to their skin in future. Some of the health risks of bleaching include cancer, acne, swelling of the skin, cataract, increase in appetite and weight gain, and ultimately neurological and kidney damage.
Meanwhile, it is a joke to imagine that bleaching your skin or even being light skinned would automatically hand over a successful career to anyone. Genevieve Nnaji, Funke Akindele, Queen Nwokoye, Nasfat Abdullah, Mercy Johnson, Chacha, Rahma Sadau, to mention a few are not proudly take and have a dazzles of their careers.
What makes a star is talent which gets improved, good positioning, consistency and hard work.
Howbeit, it is important to pay attention to looks, but altering complexions and changing skin colours and what have you is a no.
Every young actor must understand that there is the period, where you have to put in all your best and then put your trust in God for a fruitful career.
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According to Film One, IRETI Doyle is Nollywood’s most bankable actress in 2016; going through the release, I hold a contrary opinion.
In my opinion, ‘Wedding Party’s’ success cannot be attributed to Ireti Doyle. Same as you cannot give her the crown from the successes recorded by ‘Dinner’ and ‘Arbitration’.
The big question is can Ireti Doyle’s face on a movie poster sell the movie like a RMD, Genevieve Nnaji or an Omotola would? I think the answer is a No.
Ireti is a fantastic actress and have carved a niche for self and her style of craft. She is no doubt one of the most sought after actresses in the country. But suggesting that she is the most bankable act for the year is very debatable, in my opinion.
Thumbs Up Jumoke Odetola and Moyo Lawal
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