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In the early days of Nollywood, it was a major breakthrough for a movie marketer to agree to finance a movie for a producer. Usually the marketers reserve his biggest scripts for their major break into the Nollywood-space. When nollywood was at it’s prime, marketers such as Infinity Merchants, Oj, Remmy jees to mention a few, gave the likes of Emem issong, Francis Onwochei, Jeta Amata to mention a few, their big break in producing and the relationship was quite symbolic as both parties (producer and marketer) smile home.
Decades later, the story is no longer the same, as marketers and producers now operate a cat and mouse relationships. Among the English genre of Nollywood, only a tiny percent gets their movies bank rolled by marketers as the marketers now fully assume the roles of producers shooting their movies themselves. Oj went a step further by directing a movie, this situation according to some Ibo marketers is because the producers collect money from them to shoot low movie and end up shooting goat money. Sadly, the situation has seen the industry infiltrated by many dead brain who can afford to write a few million cheque tagging themselves as producers and shooting what should be a 30 mins drama into a part 1 to 4 movies with huge adverts back and forth to cover time space.
Over the last few years young nollywoodians who ply their trade in both the East and Lagos are putting their destiny in their hands and shooting good movies to push themselves.
Among the Yorubas, except for only a few it is a slave and master relationship between the marketers and producers, as the marketer offer the producers as low as 500,000 naira or less to shoot a movie without them earning any and those that earn it takes months or year to get it as majority of the deals go without a valid agreement, another dangerous twist to things in this segment is apart from a very few hot actor it is almost impossible to get a deal from a marketer if u are not female as most of marketer practice you rub my back I rub yours and only finance movies that have current girlfriends as producer or ones that their girlfriend are going to be playing lead role. It is ridiculous that some actors that have produced more than 15 movies can’t even afford to write a cheque of 100,000 and so it is time that a bolder approach to the marketer and producer relationship should be reviewed, Even when producers struggle to make good movies another own the marketer pay ridiculous amount to become the copyright owner of the movies and so intelligent create minds are running from dabbling into production because they are not sure of getting back their investments and only very few are dabbling into it, marketer are the real investor providing at least 60 percent of the billion that goes movie production yearly but they must realize that unless the producer are happy the movies won’t just come out good as creatively would have been killed, producers should insist that any of their transactions with this marketer are documented while marketer must be proactive so that once and for all, piracy is eradicated.
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