Come out of hiding!Angela okorie challenges kemi olunloyo

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This is how she reacted to Georgina action of tracking Kemi olunloyo yestrday @realangelaokorie – Hahahahahahahaha oh my God, where on earth is Our Hnnafrica “pussy Investigative Journalist” Have you suddenly Relocated to another state to commit murder Again? Tot you had proof of everything you were saying about celebs, you would have come out since you’ve been demanded to show your proof, deranged old fool,you are wanted in the United state, Canada.Now you are wanted in Nigeria , better report your self to authorities, cos you can’t hide forever, you even disabled comments on your page bastard, you have failed as a woman, you wanted fame by bringing celebs down, deranged , demented Godforsaken, mad woman @georginaonuoha you are a brave woman, May God bless you, as for you Retarded fool Kemi omololu olunloye we Nigerians are still waiting for your Hnnafrica time to pass false informations again.listen up you can run but can’t hide forever, am sorry every1 but some times you really need to stand up to bullies, cos that is the only language they understand.

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