Meet Crystalbel Goodie,Nollywood new Bride

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Crystabel Goddie is one of the new hot Actress in Nollywood,she spoke to Taiwo peters

BON; Can we meet you?

CRYSTABEL ; My name is Crystabel Goddie, I am a graduate of applied physics from the University of Port harcourt, I moved to Lagos officially a couple of years ago to pursue my career in actingand  I also do a bit of modeling.
BON ; How has the journey been so far?
CRYSTABEL ; It has been a little bit of everything. Fun, interesting and challenging, you know, I think it just shows me that am on the right path. So far so good.
BON; How did your parents take the news of you wanting to be an actor?
CRYSTABEL ; (laughs) I told my mum because at the time I had lost my dad. But while I was in school, it was something that I used to do on the side. I used to take out time to travel to Lagos from Port Harcourt for auditions. As much as my parents were strict about taking education seriously, they were quite liberal. They were supportive. There was this particular day, my mum came into my room and she asked why I was not at work and I told her I resigned (laughs). She thought I was either crazy or joking.
A week after, I told her I has thought about it and I was moving to Lagos. At that point she knew she couldn’t stop me and she gave me her blessings.
BON; When did you officially start your acting career?
CRYSTABEL ; like I said, I came to Lagos officially two years ago and my first feature  was shortly afterwards, sometimes in November 2015. My first feature  was in Green White Green and I played the lead role. I must say I am one lucky lady to get my first feature as the lead actor.
BON; Do you plan on indulging in other aspects of film making like scriptwriting, producing or directing?
CRYSTABEL ; Of course! I believe in growth, self empowerment and  self development. You can’t afford to be stagnant. When people ask what I do, I tell them am a filmmaker not just an actor. Being an actor is great but at some point, one begins to wonder what it feels like to be behind the scenes, I think that is where you make more money (laughs). I believe in being a jack of all trades and master of all, it’s possible.
BON ; Apart from filmmaking, do you plan on picking up other careers?
CRYSTABEL ; Filmmaking is a full time job, that is why I had to quit my job . For now, I think that is where my passion and interest lies. Maybe as time goes on I might be willing to add other things to it. I am a little bit involved in real estate so, that is something I would like to develop much later but for now am taking it one step at a time.
BON ; Who are your role models in the industry?
CRYSTABEL ; (Laughs)  I really don’t like to answer that question, not because I don’t have people I admire but for me, being role model is a serious business and there are quite  a lot of people who disappoint me at the end of the day.  But I love Genevieve Nnaji, she is never wrong. Kate Henshaw is a very unique lady. She did something very spectacular but I won’t share it.  I also love Aunty Joke Silva and I retired Doyle.
BON; What are your aspirations?
CRYSTABEL ; I am a very big dreamer (laughs)  I want to win awards, become the most celebrated celebrity in world (laughs), tell stories that are unique and different and of course, have a family.
BON ; What advice do you have for other upcoming actors?
CRYSTABEL; Stay focused. Do not let anyone shut you up especially when you know you are doing the right thing. Always stand for the truth, the people who will appreciate your guts will appreciate your guts and those are the people you need in your life, not those who want to tame you unnecessarily.
Do not relent, if you go for an audition and don’t get paid just keep going, you never know.crystal

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