Mercy Aigbe!How her Refusal to cook for hubby and son land her beatings,moves to Magodo

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Earlier today news broke of the crash of Mercy Aigbe’s  marriage because of Domestic violence,BON Online digged deeper to know what happened between the couple that made Larry Gentry to beat the Top Actress, This is what  we  discovered


On Easter Sunday,Mercy’S husband on his way to his office gave  her money to cook  and bring to his hotel in oregun as he was going to be having friends visting him but hours  after he got to the hotel,His wife stopped picking his calls and he made enquires and learnt  that his wife had gone for a party without  even preparing  lunch or dinner for their son who had to make do with  pizza for the day.

Later that night,Larry on learning that his wife was in her designer’s house{luminee}  went there and asked her to come home,she refused saying she was tired of the marriage ,This infuriated Larry who beat Mercy to stupor  and drama started with both calling each other day names and Mercy vowing never to step into his cursed house again,Mercy cried and cried but she and Luminee were helpless and could not fight him,After Larry left mercy was taking to an hosipital and immediately called an Estate Agent the following morning and within 48 hours moved to Magodo.

Attempts to speak with  both Mercy and Larry Friday evening was unsuccessful as phonecalls were not picked,Those who should know say both have just been tolerating themselves for 4 years now as Mercy Laments to people she has had to be father and mother as her husband’s financial status has dwinded while Larry Associates cried that mercy has not been a faithful wife and Larry has always been on the Edge checking her calls and messages and they are not surprised that this is happening,one point to years back when the husband almost beat her because she disappeared at a nightclub where an event was held to honour her and her phone was suddenly off,They later made a video denying it.

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