Exclusive!Only Mercy knows why she is lying,i dont beat her Larry speaks

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Larry Gentry speaks
Larry the husband of Nollywood Actress Mercy Aigbe has declared to bon that in the 7 years he had married mercy he has never beaten her nor abuse her but instead support and taken care of her.
According to Larry,will she have been in my house for 7 years if I beat her,I don’t know why she pulled such a picture stunt but I know the person that rented the house for her and the pics and all are just stunts to paint me bad and gain sympathy.
you know where mercy was before I married her and in 7 years I think I have tried but she has other ideas and most of the things that I take most men would take it and I hope she won’t allow me to talk if she keeps smearing my name,I am trying to be calm because I don’t want to use my hand destroy what I help create he added


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