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“MO” is a short film co-written and directed by Nollywood fast-rising director, Damilola E. Orimogunje. His previous work titled Family, is a drama on the alarming rate of suicide and familicide in our society – A film which has been critically acclaimed in film festivals.

MO starred Nollywood leading lights Funlola Aoyebi-Raimi, Nkem Marchie, Judith Audu, Gregory Ojefua, Paul Utomi and introduces Olamide Orimogunje.

MO revolves around Moremi (Nkem Marchie), a teenage girl who became a sex-slave “Prostitution” for her aunt, Madam Kofo (Funlola Aoyebi-Raimi), a religious adept procuress.

Fast-forward to three years later, Remi has by no choice become a pro in the business of harlotry. She is now a sad half-hearted stripper, hooker and drug-addict.

However, she still seeks her redemption, with the help of her new found love, Dozie (Olamide Orimogunje), a tender but indefatigable civil servant. But surprisingly to all, Moremi has an unforeseen plan.

The film was shot on set in Lagos and explores the themes Prostitution & Fate, Love Conquers All, Death, Triumph over Adversity.

Logline: A teenage hooker seeks redemption from her aunt, a vicious pimp who is not ready to liberate her.

Please find attached still photos from the film as well.

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