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Like other comedy flicks, Wedding Party, 10 days in Sun City & 30 days in Atlanta, that has gone to pitch tent as highest grossing films of all time in Nollywood, rave of the moment comedy action flick, Banana Island, seem to be gradually rising up the cadre to give these other films a chase.

Since its opening on the big screen in August 4, BIG, which is a collaborative effort between Biola Alabi’s, BIOLA ALABI MEDIA (BAM), and NEMSIA Pictures, headed by BB Sasore and Derin Adeyokunmu, and has been enjoying very rewarding outings, selling out all its viewing halls, on almost all its showing time at cinemas across the country.

The star-studded action-comedy film stars ‘Chigul’ Chioma Omeruah as Ijeoma, who is paired with Patrick Diabuah, the Ghost. The plot captures the tail of a Ghost who has three days to fall in love and by dint of sheer fate is paired with, Ijeoma, who will do anything to save her father’s house in Banana Island from the bank coming to reclaim it in three days.

Talking business and Returns on Investment, Biola Alabi gets the credit for doing a careful appraisal of the present day Nollywood, and understanding what sells, and then devising a unique method to serve it hot to the teaming Nigerian audience. The PR for BIG has been unprecedented, including the unusual collaboration with Ice cream company, Cold Stone, creating a new flavor in the name of the movie; that was strategic and a sure win deal.

Categorically stating, it is safe to assert that anyone that is yet to see the flick will be feeling off the loop. BIG is the biggest film in the country as we speak.

The success of BIG hangs technically on Biola’s vast experience working with Multinational brands like Sesame, in UK, where she worked on their international strategy, being part of the marketing team that launched the Korean Motor vehicle corporation Daewoo in the USA and serving as Managing Director for M-Net Africa. With this antecedents, you can see why marketing BIG has been top-notch.

Biola like Mo Abdul and AY, has come to set a trend and school core thespians in Nollywood, to not only learn the craft, but also learn to be business aware when producing in their movies.

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