AGN Bot replies ibinabo fiberesima,Read full statement

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At Enugu, Maradona submitted himself to the Congress and handed judgement over to Congress to do as they deem fit for the sake of peace.
Congress beg the bot to rule but bot informed the Congress that under AGN constitution they do not have such powers, that they are the Congress, all powers belongs to them.
Emeka Ike and the Congress agreed and voted for dissolution of both Emeka Ike EXCO and IB exco by over 2/3 majority as approved by the constitution of AGN.
at this point a vacuum was created, and if not filled a lacuna will exist, a committee was planned and Emeka Ike named it govt of national Unity, (which Congress voted to approve too), this committee was to go from state to state and unity Emeka Ike faction with mainstream AGN, and conduct election, from where’s delegates for national elections can emerge and then conduct a national election. The Congress moved to appoint people but Emeka Ike came with a list of names with his name as president, since other nominated Emeka Rollers, we now have two people wanting to lead the AGN committee (Christians govt of national Unity) the Congress had a dilemma , Emeka Ike then suggest election and Congress voted and approved it , at the election EMEKA Ike lost to Emeka Rollers 14 to 42 votes.
So same method was used for any post in contention.
On IB, I must state that AGN has a constitution, and it has a duration of 2 terms of two yrs each, which IB had completed since November 2016, which is about ten months ago , the constitution has no room for extension of tenure any where. So as we speak IB has being illegally calling herself President since last year November 2016. The dissolution of 22nd August 2017, was a soft landing for her.
Gentlemen and ladies, the Congress of any guild or association is the most powerful organ of a guild or association and when they speak or act, the guild or association has spoken. This they did on 22nd of August 2017 at Enugu. 29 state chapters came with delegates, both of Emeka Ike group and mainstream AGN. and they spoke with one voice. They choose EMEKA ROLLERS and his exco to run the committee (govt of national Unity). Duration of Emeka Ike 7yrs as factional president :, IB duration 4yrs 10months.

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