Sad!Mimi orjiekwe’s family to return charles billion bride price

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Ď Orjiekwe’s family to return Charles Billions bride price as their marriage hits rock

The once fairy tale of romance between screen stars, Mimi Orjiekwe, and her estranged lover, and father of her daughter, Charles Billion, seem to have come to a tragic end. 

The family of the Mimi has decided to withdraw further support to the official solemnization of Charles to their daughter; has gathered from source close to the erstwhile couple that Mimi’s kins men have offered to refund the bride price paid by Charles, during their traditional marriage. 

A friend close to Mimi, who pleaded anonymity, revealed to, that Charles has been lagging behind in his paternal responsibilities, since the birth of Jasmine, their daughter in the US, in May 2017. 

Recently, when Jasmine was taken by her parent for immunization, it was gathered that Charles couldn’t pay the medicals for their baby.

Our source further revealed that as it appears, so far, they’ve taken stock of three women whom are allegedly carrying Charles’s children. There is a certain Stephanie, who was his girlfriend, who took in for Charles. 

The dark skinned actor also allegedly had a romp with a senior police officer in Lagos, which also resulted into pregnancy.

There is also his soon-to-be baby mama in the US, who coincidentally is also allegedly identified as Mimi. Charlse had kept the news hush-hush, until the cat was let out recently. 

Our source reiterated that Orjiekwe is tired of the two year old marriage, as she had on several occasions tried to mend broken walls with him. It only ended up giving way for new traumas.  


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