Where is Victor Olaotan; Colleagues query

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Where is Victor Olaotan; Colleagues query
Not much has been heard of the state of health of veteran actor, Victor Olaotan, nearly one year, since he was involved in the ghastly auto crash, in Festac town, in October 2016, which threatened the amputation of his both legs.
Popular for his Ade Williams role in TINSEL, Olaotan’s current state of health worries colleagues and fans, as his family has been nonspecific about how he is fairing, and he has continued to prevent colleagues who attempt to see him.
As it stands, Olaotan’s legs may have been amputated, in order to save his life, but friends and fans of the veteran worry about his wellness, and are asking, “Where is Victor Olaotan.”
The 66 year old on Monday, October 31, last year, was reportedly driving in the wee hours of the morning, while returning from a shoot, when his vehicle rammed into another.

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