Exclusive!Come and Take your Bride Price,Mimi’s Family begs Charles Billion and his family

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“Charles Billions family refusing my people’s invitation for bride price refund” – Mimi Orjiekwe
The last obviously has not been heard, of estranged Nollywood couple, and parent, Mimi Orjiekwe and Charles Billion.
Orjiekwe, who is bawling for dissolution of their marriage, that was traditionally conjoined, has decried the refusal of Billions family in taking calls and turning down several invitation offers by her family, to come receive the bride price that was paid on her.
“Charles’s family has refused to take calls from my people, to come take back the bride price he paid on me. My mind is made up on this, I’m done with Charles. I cannot stay in marriage filled with deceit and infidelity. I cannot stay married to a man who goes about impregnating other women.
“Charles has not been performing paternal duties on Jasmine. Since I had our daughter, the only gift the girl has gotten from her father is 200$ (Two Hundred Dollars).
“When I was away to have our baby, I sent Charles money to help me buy a car, he bought himself a truck with the money instead”.
Mimi revealed in a phone conversation with BestofNollywood.tv.
Charles, in a counter claim of infidelity charge leveled against him disclosed that, he never cheated on the Orjiekwe. According to Billion, he got involved with his allegedly lover, Mimi, when Orjiekwe and him resolved to go their separate ways. He told bestofNollywood.tv.

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