As Excess Luggage Private screening holds,Cinemas Lovers on the Edge as it opens

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Excess Luggage is the comedic but compelling story of Douglas and Eyinnaya, two cousins separated by physical distance and financial status, but on a road trip from the village to the metropolitan city of Lagos, Eyinnaya and his archaic wife Ugomma and son encounter a breakdown in their car and decide to branch over at Douglas’s estate for a one night visit that turns everyone’s life upside down.
​On this visit, Eyinnaya and his family would encounter Douglas’s aristocratic wife Bianca, an upper class lady furiously irritated by the presence sight of the village visitors.
​On this visit, the Eyinnaya’s would encounter Andrew, Bianca’s girlish assistant who joins forces with his boss to ensure the disappearance of the Eyinnayas’.
​On this visit, the Eyinnaya’s would encounter Douglas’s strict assistant Georgina, a nerdy lady who is secretly and unrequitedly in love with her boss.
On this visit, Eyinnaya and his family would insist on living the archaic life they understand best in a 21st century environment that they know nothing about with Douglas and his family fighting to maintain the sanity and serenity of an estate long inherited.
Voices would rise, doors would be slammed, sacred places would be violated, but in the long run, love would be found in unbelievable places and the both families would come to realise that true happiness does not lie in rags or riches.ik excess Luik excess lu2ik excess LU3

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