Nollywood Actress hides pregnancy for 9 months,loses baby in uk

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Nollywood Star Actress Yet to Bounce Back to Main Stream After Alledged Uk Delivery of Baby.

Her career showed so much prospects, when she cut her teeth main stream in around 2008/9, when she starred in a popular Telenovela. 

The actress who is a twin, was lead actor on the movie of one Nollywood’s most celebrated filmmakers, with the title of the movie, centered around Nigeria’s independence. 

The sultry actress, with sonorous voice was alleged to have gotten pregnant from being romantically involved with a married man, and she was rumoured to have travelled to the Ukfor delivery a while ago. 

Sadly, gathered that the actress lost the pregnancy. Since then, it appears the actress has been having a hard time returning to the main stream. Obviously, the competition is getting thicker by the day, and it appears she is yet to get over the trauma. 

The same actress was also linked to the breakdown of the home of a popular indeginous music sensation in the country. 

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