Mercy Aigbe didn’t cheat for my son Dewunmi

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She posted this on her social media platforms
Thanks to everybody that voted for my son God* bless you all???? my son *has always *been a winner so with or without winning @cussonsbabyng he will always *be a winner. God has special plans in stock for my son so I am not pained. It’s just a competition some will win some will not. Yasir has always be a winner ‘ out of almost 2 milliion babies my son still made it to top 25. We deserve some accolades. And to all the lame bloggers blogging falsehood and searching for negativity, ignoring positivity, God will judge you. E murasi, ojo mbo ni Oluwa wi. ojo esin yin din kan. And some mothers too that believe aunty mercy is cheating for my son that most celebrity repost for Yasir emi ko ni moko bayi so i dnt expect you people to be pained walai cx aunty mercy never knew Yasir was among untill the day we started so please stop saying rubbish about her . Now that my son is not part of top10 with your stupid bitter life ” hope you are fine???????? once again jare thanks to all my wonderful people that voted for my son o I’m grateful n i won’t take this for granted bless you ???????????? ……… HAVE U WATCHED KARI_ALAKARA ON OLUMOTV? IF NOT GO AND WATCH IT! IRE O???????????? – #regrann – #regrann

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