I remain AGN President ibinabo fibersima

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The attention of the National Executive Council of the Actors Guild of Nigeria has been drawn to a false allegation on our National President, Ibinabo Fiberesima that she turned down the invitation to attend the Meeting of the Past Presidents of the Guild. 

We want to state categorically that the allegation is totally untrue, cocuted to malign and tarnish the name and image of our National President. 

The National President was never invited nor contacted by the conveners of the so called meeting.

Even though she is still incubent authentic elected National President she would have used the opportunity to brief her colleagues on the position of the Guild and the act of illegality currently being perpuated  by a section of the members led by Emeka Rollas. 

The present Exco is still in the Appeal court battling the judgment of March 16, 2015 by the Federal High Court which declared us illegal at the tail end of our first tenure. We respect law and order thus we have not conducted a fresh election.

Ibinabo is not desirous of remaining as AGN President forever just as the case in the appeal court will not last forever too, therefore the National Executive shall midwife a credible election as soon as all the pending court cases are resolved.

For the records, Emeka Rollas is on suspension for his fraudulent practices as National Secretary under the Government of National Unity led by Segun Arinze. 

He was indicted by the probe panel therefore he cannot parade himself as the President of the Guild.

The Actors Guild of Nigeria, is governed by a written constitution and we shall continue to be guided by law and order. 

We cannot be intimidated by illegality and impunity as being demonstrated by some misguided and disgruntled elements that threaten the peaceful  existence of the Actors Guild of Nigeria.

Ibinabo Fiberesima

National President.

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