We have solutions to Nollywood NHIS problems Chief Emmanuel obi

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The Nigerian movie industry commonly referred to as Nollywood has over the years been known to publicly solicit for fund for ailing actors and actresses in the industry despite the fact that there are governing bodies and caucuses in the industry.
This issue has led to many asking questions as to whether or not there are health insurance plans put in place to curtail this problem and drastically reduce the frequent financial soliciting that is commonly done for ailing thespians.
In a bid quickly eradicate this problem, Chief Emmanuel Obi, the Managing Director and CEO of Well Health Network Limited, a National Health Insurance company that is currently thriving in the United States of America has decided to introduce a National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) that will help Nollywood.
Upon his return to Nigeria in 2008, Mr Obi has promoted made his company a force to be reckoned with and his leadership has brought Well Health Network Limited to the forefront of health insurance market in Nigeria. He plans on assisting Nollywood with a plan that will quickly eradicate lack of funds during health emergencies.

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