You must do a public apology for collecting money for Auditions Tampan tells Murphy Afolabi

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It has been brought to our notice that a well known and prolific film producer in the erson of Mr Murphy Afolabi, the ceo of fatuns film production and a member of Tampan is again involved in the act of collecting auditioning fee from unsuspecting artists that wants to be auditioned for his story OMO ODE.

Tampan executives were made to know that Mr Afolabi few years back was enmeshed in this act, and after been busted and reprimanded he promised NEVER to engage in such act again.

So, it is disheartening to find Mr Afolabi culpable again in the name of audition which is gravely against the ETHICS and ETHOS of film production. It is a standard practise that no collection of money for audition is allowed. Be it for stage performance of film shoot.

Tampan will not be an exemption to that universal practise in any way.

Therefore Tampan executive is left with no other option than to direct Mr Afolabi to publicly apologise and write an APOLOGY letter to the association within two days, stating his total commitment to the ETHICS and ETHOS of the profession.

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