Joy ibewaji writes on Lionheart says setback should push Nollywood higher

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Joy Isi Bewaji wrote

The dream is to enter for any category other than Best Foreign Feature Film whatdoyoucallit.

Let Nollywood grow those balls and enter for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actor, Best original music score, Best film editing…

Instead of scrambling for ONE category that clearly has its rules.

Slumdog Millionaire did it. They didn’t have to get all worked up over a language category.

There’s still a lot of work to do. Do it.

We are so sentimental as black people.

African Americans will jump on this one.
Understand that African Americans have issues with the Oscars every year. This fight is really not about Lionheart, it’s just a convenient opportunity to judge the Academy Awards because African Americans are displeased by it.

Is Ava going to say that she doesn’t know the rules of this category?

Of course she does!

But will they let the opportunity to attack the Oscars go laik dat?

No nah. Let us scatter everywhere type of response.

It is the response of people who struggle with acceptance.

If not you can be a big bad wolf and say to hell with the Oscars…

OR you can follow the rules.

Either way, those old white men don’t care.

Ah! What it must feel like to be the king of the world.

The audacities of the white race. To be in charge of the world, to be hated with great hatred… yet be the one every other race submits to for validation!

Kai. Power!

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