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Tuesday last week was a pleasant, stimulating and reflective day when some eggheads from America visited our home, to discuss the Nigerian movie world.

They wanted to know what happened or did not happen at the beginnings of “Nollywood” in the 90’s. Led by long-time friend, colleague, and veteran actor, Edmond Enaibe… they had pencilled few Nigerian names to be interviewed, and they deemed us strategic to their research/book project on the emerging economies of developing nations (with Cambodia, India and Nigeria as keystones)…if my recollection is apt.

We spent almost two hours talking about my perspectives on our industry, and I didn’t hesitate to give my frank and honest opinion on diverse issues, personalities and circumstances.

The “two-man” research crew was led by Yuen Yuen Ang, a professor of political science from the University of Michigan, USA. She was accompanied by Sid Singh, a PhD student she’s supervising, from same university.

I believe they are now back in the USA, but trust that their visit of three or four days would have yielded a rich blend of thoughts, recollections and reflections from the tidy but voluble list of industry giants they locked down for the research.

Thank you, Prof. Yuen for seeking the true and ungarnished narratives of our community; hoping you will remain constant and maintain felicity to what you saw and heard… And no more.

This is also encouraging our own researchers to continue to plug into this sort of exercise, and animate the legacies of our heroes in different sectors of the Nigerian society…and even across cultures of the world around us.

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